October 2019 – Exciting times are ahead with a new website, the growth of our wireless network and new trials in full fibre coming soon. As we grow, we’ll need as much help as we can obtain from all parties, from financiers through to service partners. The resources and advice will be a paramount cornerstone to our success. 

We started with Hailie Limited testing our concept and providing seed investments to get the first phase complete. WestWiFi as a retail outfit will be owned and managed by Hailie Limited and all network assets will be moved into our ownership, along with the maintenance and installation arms. 

While our operational costs will be fairly forecast-able, our capital expenditure will scale phase upon phase. As we grow, revenues will match our outlay and all profits reinvested to maximise organic growth. If we can keep borrowing costs to a minimum and truncate monthly cash burn, we’ll be able to keep share value on a upward trend while achieving the growth aspirations. 

We look forward to unleashing gigabit broadband across Somerset, starting with the hardest to reach areas. For more information, please see our parent company www.hailie.co.uk or our retail platform www.westwifi.co.uk