October 2019 – We have acquired and relaunched West-Wire.co.uk – offering broadband connections over the Openreach copper network. This offers a nationwide service combined with our legendary support. This service is set to continue until 2025 before being decommissioned and phased out. We will support this product until its end of life (EOL) and will support this entirely. 

West-Wire was setup over 15 years ago by our founder as part of Nationhost, a website hosting provider. It was created by reselling Upto 2Mbps BT Business Broadband that combined Nationhost’s support team and gave business grade internet connectivity and private connections to hosted private servers. 

Over the years, new technologies were added to the service lineup such as ADSL MAX upto 8Mbps, ADSL2+ upto 24Mbps and FTTC upto 80Mbps enhancing Nationhost’s customers broadband services. Although this was open to the public to order, the majority of customers used it for private server connections. When Nationhost was sold in a management buyout, the West-Wire service was sold with it. We then focused on WestWiFi and WestFibre. 

In 2019, we purchased the West-Wire assets and we incorporated it into WestWiFi, as a traditional broadband service for pre-registrations to use while we setup our new network. We have plans to market this nationwide as a legacy support product when other providers start phasing out older products, that may still be needed. We’ll be doing this via xDSL operator partners including TalkTalk, CityFibre & Marston Telecoms.