March 2020 – We’re excited to announce over £35,000 of funding has been secured to expand our network, getting it deeper into rural Somerset and those who need it. By reinvesting profits and buffering cashflow with a new credit facility by NewWave, we’re able to acquire the assets of a neighbouring fixed wireless competitor and facilitate the upgrades of redundancy and security at a number of our sites. 

This will double our coverage area, providing broadband to a potential 40,000 homes and businesses. We’ll be adding more fibre to our mast locations and enhancing wireless back hauls to create redundant paths. We’ll also be employing admin, support and technical staff to meet our expansion plans. It’s an exciting time with multiple projects underway and an ever expanding demand list. 

These strategic asset acquisitions will align our business plan with the current trends on the ground, giving us an instant route to market and fueling our progression onto the next stage of our network build. 

Notes to editors: Photo is of WestNetworks Innovation’s own 13.5m monopole at Adsbrorough near Taunton.