Restarting our Deployments

We’ve come a long way since the start of the first nationwide lockdown and we’re re-starting our deployment work to bring better broadband to rural homes and businesses.

As the first wave of corona virus infections spread throughout our area and the country was put in lockdown, all of our deployments virtually ceased overnight with access restricted and negotiations put on pause. We worked hard developing a self installation kit and worked to obtain code powers from the Government to enable us to continue our work in public areas. 

We’ve had to re-skill, obtain new accreditations and extend our insurance coverage. It’s not been an easy journey but we’re committed in our vision of connecting the digitally disadvantaged. While we would love to spread out everywhere we’re needed, we’re demand led and will cover those who are in the greatest need. 

Sometimes, plans may take longer than we would hope and competitors may release plans to cover the same area. To avoid duplicated disruption, we are discouraged from overlaying our network with another FTTP operator. Please see for more information. 

We will be posting further updates shortly. We would like to thank those awaiting deployment and provide reassurance we’re still determined to find and deploy a suitable solution.