Stogursey Update 1

We have had the new Ethernet connection installed, which is now being tested prior to commissioning. This will start the trials in the new WestWiFi Unlimited service for £10 a month.  

It’s been a long time coming, however we’re nearing the end of the legacy SWWISP network. The work taken to date will secure multiple areas with broadband when the old network is decommissioned. This will be backed up by the installation of full fibre and upto 10Gbps of backhaul capacity. This will provide enough room to take over the SWWISP network requirement and grow to new areas. 

The next step will be configuring the network with the new IP addresses and start switching the first few trial customers. We expect a wider migration during the summer while we decommission old SWWISP apparatus. 

Please see for more information.