We are WestNetworks Innovations Limited, an independent alternative network operator based in the South West of England. We are designing, deploying and operating our own superfast and gigabit network throughout Somerset and the surrounding area. We’ve targeted areas without any access to superfast broadband, typically being sidestepped by the mainstream operators.

Our network is built for and around home, business and enterprise customers with a range of economical and performance services. We are an open wholesale operator giving competitors access to our network to help spread superfast broadband and the best possible service. We also provide security and technical services to keep your data and network safe and secure. Our small team encompasses around the clock network operations, administration and billing, which makes implementing our platform into your business easier than investing in assets and employees, while being as cost effective.

On top of using our own network, we’re able to offer a one-stop network shop that covers the most of the UK using other network providers assets. This enables full use of xDSL, GPON, Leased fibre & Dark fibre options. We manage our network around the clock, owning issues and resolving them as fast as possible. Your connection will be looked after with WestNetworks Innovations.