Off Net Pre-Ordering


What is Off Net?
It look’s like our WestWiFi service might be unavailable. This means your ”off network” or off-net for short. This means we may have another technology available. 

Fibre Optics
We have started deploying our own fibre network, we’ve also partnered with Openreach, CityFibre & FullFibre to provide broadband via their fibre networks. 

Traditional Broadband
Where no fibre or WiFi is present, we can use the traditional Openrewach copper network with ADSL & FTTC. This includes G.Fast & EoFTTC connections.

What is included with the free survey?
We’ll let you know what services are available and what we can provide you. You do not have to accept the offer but it might be worth finding out. All data is handled and controlled in compliance with the GDPR guidelines. 

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