Ashcott Update 1

We’re almost ready to start testing in and around Ashcott & Meare nr Glastonbury. With over 80% of the deployment installed, we’re weeks away from accepting new orders. 

Work is progressing well with the majority of hardware already installed. With great help and many thanks to the land owner, the radio installation is nearing completion. Once the radios are broadcasting, field surveys will commence to determine the coverage area. 

We will be marketing this coverage area and providing a maildrop to create awareness. We will also be surveying the local area for a slightly extended FTTH deployment.  

Please see for more information. 


Adsborough Update 2

Our regional super hub is nearing the half way stage with the majority of the internal fit-out complete, permitted development status granted and plans progressing with connectivity. 

Preliminary works on the point of presence is now complete and work is progressing on connecting backhaul. We have surveyed a 700m route to connect fibre optic cabling to serve gigabit capable broadband via fixed wireless access. 

Further work will be carried out to survey the local area to connect full fibre and enabling longer range antenna to be used to connect even more homes and businesses to faster broadband. This Point of Presence and duct route is open to wholesale and will provide a another option for this part of rural Somerset.

Please see for more information. 

Adsborough Update 1

Work is commencing this week at our Adsborough mast with the installation of critical cooling and uninterruptable power supplies. Work has already been undertaken to security harden the site with further work being planned to install further rack space for our ‘ServerFarm’ initiative.

Our green credentials means we only buy power from renewable sources and we use solar and wind generation for backup battery charging. Natural cooling without the use of refrigerants and zero waste to landfill. We’re also encouraging the move of tech jobs out of London and into rural Somerset.

This site is one of many planned that will create a hub of data activity, from secure private network, through to backups and caching locally to the client. In the event of a disaster, there wont be the long wait for data to download from the cloud. We’ll have the backup on disk and delivered same day.

Further information about the Fixed Wireless deployment planned for this site can be found by visiting