When building a network of any size, there is a magnitude of choice and different methods to use. Going full fibre is now the only medium of choice however there are a number of technologies such as GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) or EAD (Ethernet Access Direct) leased lines. Both have their limitations when scaling up and costs can soon become unviable. Going a little further can unlock additional cost saving when scaling up, elevating you to the next level. 

Dark fibre (unlit) means there’s nothing connected, giving you the ability to choose your own network fabric that can be upscaled as and when you need it. Dark Fibre also benefits from not shared resources, at any point, so your connection will be private and dedicated at every point. Giving you and your customers peace of mind while being compliant with any regulatory or governing body legislation. 

Dark fibre is being unbundled everywhere with diverse routes giving your network separation when installed with dual A & B legs with replicated hardware and multi-homed BGP routes.

Solution features

  • Scalability You control the bandwidth, virtually limitless. 
  • Security Private, dedicated, point to point – nothing shared.
  • No Capital Expenditure No expensive civil works.
  • No Lengthy Construction Periods Already installed, ready to order.
  • Diversity Upgrade your network to become bullet proof.
  • No Single Point of Failure Stop outages with multi-homed connections.

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