Flexible Storage Solutions

Over 90% of the data stored online was created within the last two years, currently over 13.3 petabytes per second is being created and this level of growth is expected to continue if not increase.

Typical NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions offer great in-office data storage performance over a gigabit network however leaves it vulnerable to theft, fire or flood. Most businesses will back up offsite to the cloud, however won’t discover the potential of unviable download speeds when they need to access critical data. 

Local Storage

Offsite Security

Solution features

  • Storage Space 100GB – 100TB available
  • Network Speeds 100Mbps – 1Gbps available
  • Dedicated Hardware Own custom built NAS 
  • Reliable Power Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Anti-Tamper Alarmed Door Access
  • Locked and Protected With CCTV on entries / exits

On top of this, We’re teaming up with a cloud provider to capture backups nightly to further protect your data covering all disaster events that could put your data at risk.  

We can configure your NAS with RAID and with as many drives and capacity requirements as you require. We currently have over 200u of rack space available for hire in Somerset and can offer 1Gbps VLAN’s throughout the WNI network or VPNs from externally. Please get in touch if you want to discuss your storage requirements.