Most commercial operators target areas of dense population, giving them more returns on investment, leaving many areas without any access. The latest wave of full fibre roll outs have scratched the surface however many areas are being left out, due to unfeasible installation fees. 

We’re disrupting the marketplace by deploying innovative hybrid networks combining wireless and fibre to meet as many properties as we can. This method enables a discrete deployment without miles of disruptive roadworks. We’ll lay our fibre in footpaths, verges and in existing infrastructure, installing low power, small cell wireless to connect more people than just fibre alone. 

We’re overwhelmed by the response we’ve got via our retail brand WestWiFi’s WiFi My Street campaign, with 100’s of pre-registrations from across Somerset. 

Wireless & Fibre Technology
We started by using wireless technology but found locations which were harder to reach due to obstructions. By using fibre optics, we’re able to overcome these hurdles and connection even the hardest to reach areas with super fast broadband. 

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