We are WestNetworks Innovations Limited, a start up network operator based in the South West of England. Created to bridge the digital divide in Somerset and bring faster internet access to those on the slowest speeds. 

We’re delivering superfast and ultrafast internet access to homes and businesses currently out of reach from the incumbent operator.

We’ve discovered alternative full fibre networks being deployed tend to cling to densely populated areas giving isolated homes and businesses no rest bite. 

Our values are simple, to provide high quality, high speed, fully supported connectivity solutions at industry disruptive prices. 

We use an array of hybrid technologies from fixed wireless to fibre optic, incorporating superfast and ultrafast speeds with a low cost of delivery of a last mile network. 

By using fixed wireless, we’re able to reach more rural locations without miles of roadworks and expensive cabling. Where wireless isn’t feasible, full fibre can be deployed to achieve ultrafast speeds. 

To achieve industry disruptive pricing, we have developed our own in-house team with low overheads to keep costs down.  

With uncertain times ahead, we were recently granted statutory powers under the Electronic Communications Code to deploy our network to connect customers at pace.

We’re now upskilling our engineers and preparing additional recruiting, prioritising the return to work scheme and providing training and certifications. 

Competition drives innovation and that’s why our sole solution is wholesale. We work with retail providers to delivery their network through our growing network. 

We also provide reseller solutions for smaller businesses looking to maximise their earning potential with additional revenue streams.

We can provide a wide range of outsourced solutions such as telephone and email support, billing and card/direct debit processing and network operations and rapid response engineers. 


24 Hour Network Response