Getting your customers answered promptly by our support team in your brand name giving you more time to sell. Broadband Internet is great when it works but can be stressful when it doesn’t. Our support team and log you customers problems and arrange for a engineer to investigate, resolving in the first instance where possible. 

Monthly Platform Fee

£280 per month

Types of End User Support

  • Online Only From £280 a month
  • Online & By Phone From £520 a month
  • Medium Volume From £3,250 a month
  • Heavy Volume From £8,500 a month

Greater value for money

Less than 90p per call
No matter its duration

Less than 45p per ticket
No matter its length

No Hidden Fees
We’ve made pricing crystal clear 

We’re here for your customers, when their internet goes out – with multiple levels of cover (9 – 5 / 7 – 11 / 24 hours).

By increasing the hours you operate, increases the number of shifts you need to stay staffed. We’ll scale your peak-time flows with extra staff to answer calls and emails.

We would love to solve every problem remotely, however we understand when to identify its outside of the customers liability. 

We’ll go through a fine tuned support process to enable quick and stress-free troubleshooting. 

We log the whole support journey from start to finish so we have everything in a nice clean audit trail. 

This enhances the quality of care for repeated incidents by enabling quick escalation and customer expectation management and satisfaction. 

Your support team

Our team is your team, meaning we’ll answer in your brand name and provide the highest level of customer care. To provide this, we’ll hold training once a month or more frequently if required and populate a internal wiki so our team have your teams knowledge. 

We have handle around 500 requests per month entry-level, 1500 a month for medium volume and 5000+ for heavy volume. We can scale this up if required and meet the peak demand. 

Please contact your account manager to discuss your options.