Full Fibre to the Home

In addition to our Fixed Wireless Access Network, we’ve started rolling out a new Gigabit Fibre network to connect the disadvantaged and bridge the digital divide. This is being done in a small number of phases and will bring much needed upgrades to the rural broadband infrastructure. 

Starting with a number of hamlets along the West Sedgemoor coast, our aim is to connect as many as homes and businesses as possible, who have been left without any access to broadband services. This involves design, planning, funding, more planning and finally constructing. 

Connecting rural locations are commonly left to last, with inhibitive construction costs and miles of roadworks before connecting the first customer. We’re building up our own in-house team to innovate deployment methods and bring the cost per premise passed figure down, making rural broadband more affordable. 

With minimal installation fees and industry standard contractual terms. Switching to a WestNetworks Innovations Fibre Service won’t break the bank. We’ve enrolled onto the Gigabit Voucher Scheme enabling the potential of full or part payment of your installation fees. Please select the option to request a voucher during ordering. 

Homes & Businesses

Visit WestFibre.co.uk or Freephone 0800 6 102109

Resellers & Wholesale

If your a reseller, wholesaler or partner, Please call us on 01278 265 026 or click here for more information. 

Outsourcing Services – Fibre Deployment

Information & Downloads
We’re able to offer a high quality, low cost solution by using our small team on your projects. Whether its a single job or a maintenance program. With Health & Safety high on the agenda, we’re committed to enhancing safety for our workforce and yours. 

Please find below information downloads
FTTH Deployment (PDF)
Reinstatements (PDF)
Emergency Traffic Management (PDF)

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