You would be surprised how much power broadband consumes, from cabinets in the street through to enormous warehouse data centers.

Every video, like and connection is using power around the clock and the more we use the internet, the more power it needs and the responsibility is real. We have a moral obligation to do all we can to protect the environment we all live in. 

Where we are the bill payer, we only buy power from renewable sources, lowering our carbon footprint. We also use virtualisation technology to reduce replication of hardware, further cutting the the power consumption.

We are trialing a number of self generating and eco-friendly methods in our data cabinets and server rooms. From solar power generation through to organic air cooling with no chillers.

We have implemented a zero to landfill waste policy, recycling in-house where possible and using bona-fide recyclers and auction houses for hardware clearance. If we all do our bit to conserve energy, we can lessen the impact from future global energy consumption increases.