We have been installing technology in the wild for a number of years, from columns and wooden telegraph pole to buried ducting, cabling and access chambers. Putting your technology in the ground is our expertise. From design and collaboration through to construction and compliance. Our small yet experience team are fully trained and insured, using an in-house system putting health and safety first and foremost. We have strategic partners in our supply chain providing us the most cost efficient method that we can then provide to you. 

Your task will be handled professionally and comprehensively, with a focus on keeping the workforce, subcontractors and the general public safe. We based in the South West of England and can provide our services across England, including rapid response solutions if required. 

Modular Design

Easier to plan, easier to deploy, easier to extend. Our modular network design with plug and play features will speed up your network deployment. 

Smart Street Works

Utilising our new bulletin platform, locals will be sent information and have access to up to date information about the street works in their area. 

Radio Rigging

From aerial surveys, link planning through to climbing and aligning, our riggers will work safely and efficiently to keep your network link connected.

Plug’n’Play Installations

Deploying smart technology is our passion, so having a network thats ready for provision and routers ready to surf set’s us apart from the rest.

Weather your a small business wanting to lower the costs and connect two or more location with a dedicated network, or your an established operator looking for assistance deploying your network, we might have a solution that is right for you.
We can be flexible to fit around your project, providing anything from just labour through to project management. We can take responsability for the deployment of core and branch ‘last mile’ networks including customer provisions and CPE installation. 

Design & Planning

  • Network Layout & Costing
  • Local Planning & Streetworks
  • RAMS & Environment Statements 

Supply Chain

  • Workforce & Expertise
  • Equipment & Consumables
  • Materials & Aggregates 


  • Overhead & Underground ‘Last Mile’ deployment
  • Lighting columns & Telegraph/monopole erecting
  • Cabinet Installation & Commissioning
  • Excavations, Trenching & Reinstatements
  • Traffic Management inc out of hours


  • Surveying & rapid ‘Make safe’ solutions

UK Based Team
We’re based in the south West of England, covering the whole of England is our useful and cost effective solutions. 

100% Renewable
Where we are the bill payer, we choose 100% renewable electricity to help protect the environment and manage our energy demands. 

Cloud to Ground Solutions

We’re developing fresh skills and methods to deploy technology faster, cheaper and with less disruption while maintaining a health and safety first approach. Adapting by using innovative hybrid technologies lowers the cost burdens while establishing a service level guarantee that meets traditional technology, which is some locations is too costly to deploy.

Get in touch
We love hearing from our potential customers to discuss their requirements, no job is too small. We can let you know if our solutions from our suppliers would benefit. All of our quotations are free of charge and completely confidential.