Being a shareholder doesn’t just mean owning a share of WestNetworks Innovations Limited, Its investing in a rewarding broadband opportunity, which accelerates local communities into the 21st century.  Your investment will go directly towards a deployment, furthering our expansion into new areas, providing much needed superfast broadband to the homes and businesses nearby. 

It will accelerate research and development into the latest technologies, pushing faster speeds, further than ever before. It will increase our network size, buying power and cost savings for our customers, our wholesale partners and maximise the return we can give back. 

As with any investment, YOUR CAPITAL IS AT RISK. Please consult a financial advisor if you are unsure or need expert advice. NEVER invest more than you can afford and only invest if you are seeking a long-term investment.

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Entry to Meetings
Highly Rewarding
Approx. 7% ROI

We’ll discuss all options before setting up an investor agreement, outlining our intentions, your reward, exit strategy and to provide realistic expectations. There is no rush and we’ll be happy to discuss the finer details with you or your advisor. 

Sharing is Caring
Your investment will go directly towards a deployment and will have new customers up and running within just a number of weeks. These upgrades will provide an alternative over slow copper cabling and turn 3 Mbps connections into 300 Mbps connections. 

Entry to Meeting
These will be small affairs, discussing the business, its performance and the 5 year plan ahead. Your shares will have voting rights and will enable you to voice your opinion and steer the company with other shareholders. If you are unable to attend, an online version will be created so you can vote remotely. 

Highly Rewarding
In a non-financial sense, your fundamentally the reason rural businesses can flourish, the reason homes are not fighting for bandwidth. The reason our customers can get same day engineers, where available. Your fueling the change the industry needed. 

Approx. 7% ROI
We expect returns to be around 7% for every year we’re in profit. The first 3 years will be minimal, however we are aiming and on track for 2022, to be the first year of dividends. 

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