Our network is formed from many different networks, using very different technologies to deliver the finest connectivity and broadband access. We’re able to expand without the huge capital investment by partnering with already established carriers then diversifying by interconnecting where required. 

By connecting our key points of presences to multiple national carriers means we’re able to provide a bespoke solution suitable for any requirement.

We’re deploying our own fixed wireless network along with partial fibre to the premise in order to lower the cost per premise passed and speed up coverage rollouts in key areas of low broadband speed. We’re self funded, reinvesting all our profits to continue connecting areas with slow broadband speeds. 

We are driven by our customers demand and are gearing up for multiple expansions around the South West of England and into the Midlands.

We are able to supply a number of services via BT telephone exchanges and Openreach’s last mile delivery network in areas we do not cover with our own fixed wireless or fibre network. This solution might not be ideal but it will be backed up by our support team, ready to resolve any issue that might be encountered. 

We provide xDSL, FTTC, G.Fast, FTTP and EAD solutions with PSTN line rental options for a complete solution. 

Our Method
This approach enables a cost effective deployment without spending potentially billion’s building a network that could compete. We can however add to this and use innovative technology to extend its reach and potentially reduce the digital divide making life easier for homes and business in rural, coastal and sometimes even urban areas of the South West of England and surrounding areas. 

Core Network

Partner PoP’s
Partner PoP’s
 Partner PoP’s
Partner PoP’s
 Partner PoP’s
Partner PoP’s

Regional Networks

BT / Openreach
5505 Exchanges
TalkTalk Business
3035 Exchanges

SSE Telecom
265 Points of Presence
20 Points of Presence 

WestNetworks Innovations
2 Points of Presence 

Last Mile Networks

Fixed Wireless Access
21 Points of Presence (WestNetworks Innovations)

Fibre to the Premise
2 Points of Presence (WestNetworks Innovations)

We’re able to deliver multiple multi-homed connections to many regional locations, enabling a wider coverage, greater choice and better competitive pricing. We strive to push the boundaries and connect more locations that are overlooked by existing last mile network operators. 

We’re slowly building our last mile network, along side our own regional points of presence, leading to our own core network offering greater diversity and even better pricing. If you would like to know more about our network for colocation solutions, please get in touch by clicking here