Our VOIP system can handle both home and business solutions using dedicated virtualised technology and connected close to core BT infrastructure to ensure the lowest latency. 

This provides unbeatable HD voice quality and a smart new phone service bundled with brand new features, which can be used anywhere in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, you should be able to make or take calls. 

With businesses, we can provide ‘seats’ with free internal calls, no matter where in the world the other person is. Packed full of business features and a quality level agreement to match. 

We can supply homes, businesses and resellers a wide range of telephony solutions, built to be reliable and feature packed.

Resell or wholesale our phone services, we can assist you in getting Ofcom registered and a RID assigned. Get in touch today. 

Solution features

  • Free Calls UK Landline & Mobiles*
  • Voicemail Via your Portal or Mobile App
  • Mobile App Access your account & make calls on your mobile
  • Call Forwarding Free to mobiles
  • Custom On-Hold Music Upload your own MP3’s
  • 99.5% Service Level Agreement


We can provide a wall board for busy offices and call centers. Supervisors can display this on a second screen on the wall for everyone to see. 

It display’s in real time a number of tracking points, over a time period for a wide range of categories – fully customisable with desktop notifications, configurable alarms and in-board Video Streaming or News Ticker. 

Wallboard Features

  • Line, Gauge, Number or List  Multiple types of report
  • Time Filtered From 1 Hour to 12 Months
  • Agent Tracking Monitor how your staff handle calls
  • Queue Tracking Manage your team when you have peak-spikes
    + Much more

Create multiple boards to show in meetings to easily display statistical readouts in real-time. Handle your phone system like a pro. 


We can supply a range of telecom services via Openreach and their copper network. This network is due to be switched off in 2025 however it’s still the last mile delivery network for millions across the country.

We can provide ”wires only” solutions for just broadband or a communications package to suite home and business users. With all the expected features like 1471, 1571 and privacy options. 

We’ll proactively monitor our estate of telephone circuits, raising faults and getting issues repaired. Giving our customers piece of mind. 

Get in touch today

* Limited to 2000 minutes a month, calls are charged per minute once allowance is exhausted. Please contact us for the full call rate pricing. Subject to a 12 month minimum term contract and suitable phone, adaptor and internet connection. Full terms and conditions can be found by contacting us for more details. This does not affect your statutory rights.