Live, Monitored & Recorded CCTV

Anti-Tamper Alarms with Security Patrols

Backup Power + Standby Generator

Fire Monitoring & Protection

Remote Hands & Engineer Visits

Our network is our only product we manufacture so ensuring its protected, managed and maintained to keep the network connected is our primary concern. We’re working towards achieving the minimum standards listed above while adding in additional resources on a local level depending on its risks and requirements, ensuring your network is protected. 

Over the last few years with the rise of anti-5G vandalism, we’ve had to rethink security. From live monitored and recorded CCTV through to DNA evidence capturing and silent alarms. We use discrete equipment, away in secure compounds or cabinets. Our on-call engineers routinely patrol our sites, looking for security issues or unusual activities. 

We try to have a replacement for everything needed, on hand ready to hot-swap in at a moments notice. This means if mains power is lost, our battery banks will pick up the load until a generator set can be urgently dispatched. If a smoke alarm is picked up, our engineers and the fire service will be called, both able to fight small electrical fires.