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We recommend checking our service status for any know issues first, if we are aware of the issue, we’re doing all we can to resolve it.

Online Support

Raise an online ticket to get as much information reported to help us solve your issue. Ideal for quick questions and detailed responses. 

Emergency Support

If you need an immediate response, please call our freephone helpline on  

0800 6 102 109

This will be reported as urgent and may require a specialist to contact you back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have 3 brands focusing on each technology suited for each area. For urban and new builds, check out WestFibre, for Rural Areas check out WestWiFi and for anywhere else, WestWire. More information on coverage can be found on their respective websites. 

Yes, we can either offer 1 free email account with included web space. MySQL database and sub-domain. Please get in touch with our Billing & Accounts team to get this setup for you. 

Yes, 20% VAT is included on the markup price, shown on the invoice. the price the see is the price you pay. 

Firstly, check the service status page above,  if no service problems are know, make sure no one else is using the connection and run a speed test. This can be done on and will provide a rough speed estimate. Please use a cabled (ethernet) computer for the best results. Please then raise a ticket to our Technical Support above.

No just yet, we are supportive over Amazon Prime’s 30 day free trial and are affiliated with their offer. This means we receive a small commission per trial take up. We are working on a service which will incorporate all the leading streaming services. 

Yes, our service works just like any other broadband connection with the latency to win.

No, our solutions reach outside of the incumbent operator across England. We’re able to connect into a network where it’s cheap and branch out using a number of technologies. Please see WestFibre for more information. 

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