Pre-Packaged Gigabit Network  

Take full advantage of our gigabit network and initiate deployments where you need it fast. We are growing a number of key sites around the South West and have multiple national partners to assist with connecting your networks together.

We manage, deploy and operate our sites to industry leading cost efficiencies, PUE and security standards making our network more cost effect, greener and mission critical. We understand what it takes to grow a network.

Bespoke Broadband Services 

Your Brand, Our Network

We will discuss your network in great detail to fully understand the requirements and where we can fit in. Some tasks might require forward thinking to mitigate planning or cost hurdles. 

The network will need a capital investment to begin, offering you a phase by phase approach. This means you can scale investment in-line with revenue from the projects initial phases. 

By operating a critical network, having the resources available around the clock is an important factor and having replacements on-hand when required. Your network and your customers satisfaction is in good hands. Get in touch to discover more.