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Fibre Broadband

Ultrafast Speeds

Unlimited Usage

Free Home Router

Renewable Broadband

Around the Clock Support

Our Own Network

On-Net Fibre

Our own gigabit fibre optic network being built in select rural business areas of the South West of England.

Off-Net Fibre

Our broadband, powered by CityFibre & Openreach’s offering gigabit speeds without double roadworks. 

Leased Line

We can connect your business with a dedicated fibre connection offering up to 10Gbps of bandwidth.

We can accept gigabit broadband vouchers
Providing help with the installation costs involved with connecting you to gigabit broadband. This can provide up to £1,500 per residential household and up to £2,500 per business premise in rural England. As part of our code powers, we’re now able to deploy our own network without the excessive construction charges. Please get in touch to determine if your eligible to receive a voucher for rural Gigabit Broadband. 

Secure ordering with four payment options
We provide fully secure and compliant ordering and payment gateways using four leading payment processors.
Our bank transfer is operating by, Direct Debits by GoCardless, Card Processing by Stripe and PayPal. 

Ofcom compliant alternative dispute resolution scheme membership 
As part of our on-going commitment to the quality of the services we provide to you, we’ve teamed with the Ombudsman Services, who you can escalate your complaint to for review.  Please click here to discover our complaints policy.

How it Works?

Fibre Optic Broadband
We’re installing full fibre to the premises or FTTP in selected rural locations throughout Somerset, in the South West of England. We’re laying our own underground duct network with a brand new and innovative modular construction method, designed to be more cost effective and quicker to deploy. 

Superfast & Ultrafast Speeds
We can provide from 100Mbps through to 1Gbps connections, It’s likely to be slightly less due to network overheads and slight connection losses.

The connection speeds will be symmetrical with matching ultrafast upload speeds, perfect for multimedia, file transfer and streaming/film work. 

Unlimited Broadband Usage
Your free to use the internet without worrying about how much your using. We won’t restrict your connection in any way, unless there has been a service outage. We’ll then prioritise Gaming, VoIP & TV Streaming traffic over P2P & downloads to ensure the most important services continue unaffected. 

For more information about our traffic management prioritisation and unlimited usage, please see our Acceptable Usage Policy.

Free Wireless Broadband
The AirCube home router provides dual wireless antenna to provide whole house coverage using 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz wireless frequencies. 

Renewable Broadband
Every connection, like, comment or post – it all uses electricity and the demand is growing daily. Where we are the bill payer, we buy 100% renewable electricity to make our broadband as eco-friendly as possible. 

Around the Clock Support
We understand problems  pop up at the most inconvenient moment, so our team is ready to raise a ticket and get an expert on the case.

We’ll email or call you back and go through diagnostics either with you or remotely and either fix immediately or book in an engineer visit.

Finally we’ll monitor the connection to ensure the problem has been resolved, if the problem reappears, we’ll jump into action. 

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